Restore ~ Repair ~ Replace


RestoreWhen an insulated glass unit (IGU) seal has failed, moisture starts to accumulate inside the chamber.  There are several stages to a failure but most can be restored with the Crystal Clear Process.  Typically you save between 20 - 30% of the the cost of replacing the glass.  The process is much less intrusive because we don't take the window/door apart, thus eliminating the hassle of repairing damage caused by dismantling the product.  Restoration also eliminates the destruction of parts & pieces that many times are unavailable.

Repair:  For glass failures that have progressed beyond the Restoration Process, we provide Glass Replacement Services.  As much as we would like to restore everything, nearly 40% of the glass we look at is what we call "Too Far Gone", glass replacement becomes the next logical option.  Take advantage of our "TUNE-UP" service  for all your windows and doors.  Worn out weather strips rob your home of comfort and efficiency.  We can replace those old weather strips and keep the outside out and the inside in. 
Replace:  There are many instances where it makes more sense to Replace the Windows and Doors then to spend any more money repairing them.  We have vast experience and knowledge of available products and can assist you in making the right choice.  We provide expert installation services as well.



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