Are Your Windows Stressing You Out?

Our Window Experts have the solution!

If your windows need to be restored, repaired or replaced, we can help!


Window Defogging, Restoration And Repair

When thinking about repairing the windows in your home or business — the options can be foggy. Fortunately, Window Savers know hows to make them clear again! 

Whether your windows and doors need to be replaced, repaired or restored, our window defogging experts have a solution for you! Without proper care, windows and doors can have you paying to heat or cool the outdoors. 

Windows don’t just help you see outside, but they also serve as one of the most noticeable characteristics of your home. If your windows look foggy or dirty it diminishes your curb appeal. With our proprietary defogging services, we can have your windows looking great again.

Our proprietary defogging process removes dirt, grime and condensation that forms over time in double-paned windows through cracks in the seal or window frame. Not only can we remove this condensation, but we will repair all cracks and seals to prevent future condensation. In extreme cases where a repair cannot be made, we offer a wide selection of affordable replacement windows from only top-quality brands.

Our experienced team aims to save you time, money and restore your windows to a perfect shine! With over 50 years of experience serving West Michigan, we look forward to getting the fog out of your windows and doors. 

For more information about window defogging, restoration and repair from the experts at  Window Savers, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.822.7332.